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Millions of people have practiced yoga over thousands of years. Today, there are hundreds of ways to practice yoga that can help you fight back pain. What is the most effective way to get rid of back pain in the shortest possible time and with the least effort? Discover the way I learned after reading over 1,200 scientific data.

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Who Is This Angelic Back Course For?

This Angelic Back Course is for anyone who wants to address any of the following conditions.

  • People who do sedentary work (e.g. remote work, office work).

  • People living a sedentary lifestyle.

  • People whose work requires them to spend many hours on their feet (e.g. hotel receptionists).

  • People who do heavy physical work (e.g. lifting weights, pulling or pushing objects).

  • People with chronic back problems such as sciatica.

  • People with back pain.

  • People who feel discomfort in the area of the spine.

  • People who want to avoid back pain in the future.

  • People who still have lower, middle, and upper back pain after following the treatment suggested by their doctor.

By The End of This Course You'll Be Able To

  1. Reduce your back pain through regular exercise of all related body parts.

  2. Strengthen your body muscles through strengthening exercises.

  3. Increase your flexibility through the stretching exercises.

  4. Increase your fitness and stamina through regular exercise and breathing control.

  5. Improve your attractiveness through regular physical activity and posture exercises.

  6. Take care of your spine during sleep and everyday activities.

  7. Reduce stress and experience the wonderful cleansing process of letting everything go.

  8. Protect your back and prevent back pain (experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives).

If you have back pain, you aren't alone. 1 in 3 women experience it.


Fall Asleep Quickly and Naturally

When the amount of sleep is significantly reduced (37% of US adults say that back pain affects their sleep) many processes related to maintaining an adequate level of skin hydration are inhibited. In the Angelic Back Course, you will get valuable knowledge that will help you fall asleep so that your body can regenerate properly and remain beautiful.

Mother with daughter

No More Limits

A fully functional back means less suffering and more time doing what you love. Enjoy life together with others and don't reduce your activity anymore through back pain.


Satisfying Love Life

The Angelic Back Course isn't just prevention and relief from back pain. After completing this Course, your strength, fitness, stamina, flexibility, and appearance will improve significantly, giving you much more satisfying love life.

Mother with baby practicing yoga

What Makes This Course Special?


A gentle 4-week yoga program consisting of 12 sessions based on over 1,200 scientific data. 

Sessions last 15 - 60 minutes. You decide whether you want to stay in the 15-minute session or move on to the next one.


This program is designed for beginners, so each asana is adapted to your current level of strength, physical endurance, and flexibility. 

Even though yoga has a lower injury rate than golf, you'll still only practice those asanas that have one of the lowest injury rates of all 84 known asanas.


Did you know that comparing yourself to others can make you feel depressed? You will not have to worry about it by using this course.


Simple and precise asana descriptions with illustrations make you practice without comparing yourself to the instructor and at a pace that is convenient for you.

You can spend days looking for, analyzing, testing, rejecting, and searching again for what works and suits you, or you can use this knowledge and start feeling better now.



You have a clearly defined path. You know step by step what you need to do to relieve yourself of back pain. Take advantage of this powerful 4-week yoga program with 12 sessions today to enjoy a better life.

Happiness Guarantee

Your happiness is most important to me, therefore I give you the opportunity to enjoy this course calmly and without rush. If for some reason, the received online course hasn't fully met your unique expectations, you have 60 days to submit a refund request. 

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This Is How Your Transformation Will Be Accomplished

You begin by understanding why you may experience back pain and what you can do during daily activities to prevent it from accumulating. There are four modules waiting for you, in which you will easily learn the most important things.

Module 1 - Back Pain


  • What Factors Are Associated With a Higher Risk of Back Pain

  • Is My Mattress Good

  • First Thoughts When Pain Occurs

  • Prevention

Module 2 - Proper Body Mechanics

  • Posture

  • Standing

  • Sitting

  • Lifting

  • Sleeping

  • How to Remember to Maintain Good Posture

Module 3 - Yoga Theory


  • Why Yoga

  • What Are People All Over The World Say About Yoga

  • What Do I Need To Begin

  • How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat

  • Namaste

  • Asana

  • What's The Best Time of Day to Do Yoga

  • How Often Should I Do Yoga Per Week?

Module 4 - Preparation

  • Breath Awareness

  • How To Breathe While Practicing Yoga

  • Yoga Class Schedule

Your next step will be to start practicing yoga. I have prepared 12 gentle and effective sessions for you. In 4 weeks you will master 45 asanas (poses). Each pose has been carefully selected based on over 1,200 scientific data. Each asana fulfills the three most important conditions.

Best results in the shortest time.

Any beginner can do it easily and with pleasure.

The practice is safe, especially for people who have never had any experience with yoga.

Yoga practice with yoga mat

There have been many such studies, and the effectiveness of yoga in treating back pain was clearly evident. Yoga is one of the most effective method for back pain relief. In 2020 in the UK, out of 1,070 people surveyed, 94.8% admitted that yoga helped them with back pain.

The human back is composed of a complex structure of ligaments, tendons, muscles, disks, and bones, which work together to support the body and enable us to move around. Problems with any of these components can lead to back pain.

Most yoga programs incorrectly recommend exercise upper extremity exercises in the sequence with no diversification. This yoga program includes dozens of different strength and elastic exercises for the back, core, arms, and legs. Each session of the twelve available is another adventure, with a series of exercises changing as you progress. This varied exercise program stimulates, strengthens, improves flexibility and regeneration of all key parts of your body. Additionally, you straighten and lengthen your back, resulting in an improvement in body posture.

This marvelous, life-changing adventure, you start out by discovering and mastering the basic poses that will evolve over time into larger versions as you progress. It will be easy for you to remember the new poses as your body will instinctively sense the energy flowing from Yoga and will adapt to absorb it. To maximize your effects and minimize the risk of injury, each asana includes a complete, accurate, and short description along with an illustration of how to perform it properly.

You felt that this day was coming. The day of destiny has come. The day you leave tears, sadness and dissatisfaction behind you. Start over and awaken your strength.

Find your space, overcome your weaknesses and live in the world that is unattainable by others.

You wanted to get relief from back pain and now you find out that you can have so much more.

Beautiful, young and tough. The next chapter of life has begun. World, I'm ready.

Week 1 - First Wave

15-minute sessions


Session 1 - Destiny

Session 2 - Beauty Is Strong

Session 3 - Morning Light


Week 2 - A Hug From The Universe

30-minute sessions

Session 1 - My Space

Session 2 - Red Flame

Session 3 - Transition

Week 3 - Mirror Bridge

45-minute sessions


Session 1 - New World

Session 2 - Northern Horizon

Session 3 - More


Week 4 - Me

60-minute sessions


Session 1 - Diamond

Session 2 - Revival

Session 3 - New Beginning

What Do You Need For This Course?

For this Yoga program you will need:


  • Yoga mat (you can also use rug or carpet).

The better the grip, the lower the risk of the mat itself slipping and the hands slipping on its surface. This is important because yoga can make you sweat a lot, and the practice requires a stable surface. The lower the risk of slipping, the lower the risk of an accident. A good mat will keep you comfortable and safe.

  • Meditation pillow or an any other pillow that will be comfortable to sit on.

Meditation with back pain without a pillow is quite a challenge. It will be hard for you to maintain correct spine posture. A pillow under the pelvis will make it easier and more comfortable for you, so you will not be discouraged from the very beginning.

What's Included

 You get 13 PDF files in US Letter and A4 format:

Back Pain Prevention

  •    Angelic Back - 43 pages

Back Pain Relief


   First Wave

  • Destiny - 43 pages

  • Beauty Is Strong - 42 pages

  • Morning Light - 32 pages

   A Hug From The Universe

  • My Space - 57 pages

  • Red Flame - 56 pages

  • Transition - 56 pages

   Mirror Bridge

  • New World - 68 pages

  • Northern Horizon - 66 pages

  • More - 70 pages



  • Diamond - 91 pages

  • Revival - 90 pages

  • New Beginning - 92 pages

Downloadable print. No physical items included.

This tool does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Regular exercise is not always without risk, even for healthy individuals. You are responsible for your own health and safety at all times. Any applications of the material provided are at your discretion and your sole responsibility. 

Certificate of Achievement

In order to earn it, just follow these simple instructions:

And that's all. You will receive an electronic version of the Certificate of Achievement.

Remember that all information in the offer is the private opinion of the author. Although I try to ensure the highest quality of services and information provided, I take no responsibility for their use. All products and services are for educational and informational purposes only. Your results depend on many factors, such as injuries, diet, lifestyle, age, medical conditions, etc. Which means you may have significantly better or much worse (or no results at all). I exclude any responsibility for the use of this information.