Online Course

What exactly is an online course?

An online course is a way to learn what you need to do, and how you need to do it, to achieve your goal.

Online courses are delivered via a website and can be viewed on a mobile device, tablet, or any other device that can open the PDF file. This gives you convenient access anyplace, anytime.

Who are the online courses for?

To grow you can gain knowledge in a slow or fast way.

If you are a person who values ​​your time and expects immediate results, then online courses are definitely for you.


If you want me to create an online course on a given topic, contact me via the contact form or email address -














What an online course look like?

Each online course can be different, but each course consists of two stages, theory and practice.

Each course requires your commitment, but don't worry, everything will be easy for you to understand. I will guide you through each stage of the course, starting from the moment you are now, to the moment you will be after completing a specific course.

How long does it take to complete the online course?

Each online course is different and can last for a different period. This period can last from several days to several months. The length of the online course depends on how much time you need to achieve a specific goal.

When are the new online courses published?

Each new online course is usually released in the first week of each month.

On special occasions, online course may also be released on a different date.

Do I need something to open the online course file?

Every online course is saved in Portable Document Format (PDF), so you need a program that will allow you to open the file.


For example, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Why are online courses in the form of a text file and not a video file?

A matter of endless discussion. Some people say that learning by watching videos is simpler and faster. Other people say that reading is the best kind of workout for your brain. I always try to base my opinion on facts. So why did I choose reading instead of watching?

By creating online courses in the form of notes, I can apply many more techniques that will increase the rate of your knowledge absorption and commitment than if I created the video material.

I know that for many of you watching videos is a pleasure and doesn’t require much effort, but achieving a goal always requires some dedication.

Image by Nick Morrison