10 Tips For Improving Your Relationship

Good relationships with others, both in personal and professional life, affect our mental health. Today I am going to show you 10 tips you can apply in your life to be better perceived by others.


People like it when you know their name. By not remembering the names of the people you are talking to, you make them think they are uninteresting. They may also think you don't respect them

Not only try to remember other people's names but also use them. The person you are talking to will be more engaged in the conversation.

Be Positive

When you have a bad day, tell others about it. You will show them that you trust them and they will start to trust you. However, remember to do it constructively. Each person strives to be happy. If you start the conversation with a smile on your face, your chance of ending it positively will be greater.


If you are talking to another person, do not use the phone. It annoys people that you ignore what they say and that you give clear signals that you don't care what they say.


Probably everyone has a friend who talks only about himself. Sometimes it is hard to see if we are making this mistake. Consider whether, when you talk to others, are you asking them about their lives, their experiences, feelings, and what they think about a given matter. Give a signal that you are interested in their lives.


People need to know and feel that what I'm doing is right and that others like it. Appreciate them. Praise what they do, and they will surely like you more.

Favorite Things

Find something that both, you and the other person like. It could be photography or it could be watching horror movies. Get to know the other person because you may have more in common than you realize.

Stay in Touch

If someone tries to contact you, reply as soon as possible. After a few hours, when you want to write back to someone, the other person may already be in a completely different mood doing completely different things. They may not be thinking about what they wanted to talk to you about.


Notice what others cannot see. Maybe your friend changed her hairstyle. Maybe she has a new handbag. People like to hear nice things. Especially if they are related to details that no one else noticed.

Let It Go

By letting go, we show how important the other person is to us. It is a very beautiful skill, that not everyone can show.


Don't believe the gossip of a stranger. If you have any doubts, you can always ask others if this is true. Either way, never worry about the opinion of people you don't know well.