2 Small Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Little change big difference? Find out what you can do to make your life even better than it is.

Less Social Media

Don't start or end your day using your phone. Put the phone in another room in the evening so as not to reach for it immediately after waking up. When you start your day browsing social media, you start your day by consuming content. Your productivity during the day drops drastically.

During the day it is not better. I will come in for a moment, see what's new in the world. We do not measure how much time we spend on social media, which is why we don't realize how much time we waste on it. With each unlocking of the phone and entering social media, we lose concentration, which we will not regain in a few moments.

On the other hand, using the phone at bedtime deteriorates the quality of our sleep. And poor quality of sleep increases the risk of developing numerous diseases, mental disorders, addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills, increases the risk of accidents, and worsens the quality of life.

Moreover, consider what your browsing of social media looks like. You probably turn on Instagram or Facebook and see photos of other people and the first thing you do is start comparing yourself to them.

Why don't I have such a body?

Why are they having such a wonderful life and not me?

Comparing yourself with others is a quick and very effective way to lose your motivation to act. Because when others manage to achieve something faster, we stop seeing sense in our own actions and often give up on them.

Eat Without Distractions

When we eat when we are fully occupied because we browse the internet or watch TV, our body never receives a clear signal that we are providing it with nutrients. Without focusing on the fact that we eat, we lose the sense of how much we eat, which is why we can often eat up to several thousand calories during the day by such snacking. How not to do it?

  • Try to implement a meal plan for the day (4-5 meals a day).

  • When shopping, do not buy additional supplies of sweets and snacks. Buying a bigger pack doesn't mean you will eat it longer.

  • Do not put sweets and snacks on the table. Our brain perceives what is in the field of view more easily, so if you have it at home, put it in the cupboard.

  • Choose foods that need to be thoroughly chewed before swallowing.

Which change do you dare to apply in your life? Maybe both? Let me know in the comment below.