4 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

It is difficult to make progress without making mistakes. However, some mistakes can mess up a lot in our lives.

Fake Orgasm

Why do people even pretend to have orgasms? If the relationship is unstable, we are simply afraid that our partner will leave us, so we fake orgasm to give the other person satisfaction and happiness. Another reason might be that we just don't want to talk about our needs. More than half of women prefer not to do it even though they feel the need.

We don't want to hurt our partner, or we don't want to feel awkward, but it's perfectly normal for each of us to have different desires that arise from both our body and mind. This seemingly innocent bed lie can have very negative consequences. Your partner has thought that last night was great and will treat you to the same next time. So the more fake orgasms you give him, the less real you will experience.

Who Makes The Decisions?

How many times have you heard such words from your family or friends:

  • Go to college

  • Get married

  • Don't go to this party

  • Don't change jobs, you won't find a job now. Just be tough, everyone gets stressed out sometimes.

It is good to have a choice, and even better if we can count on help in making a decision, but ask yourself, are you living your own life? Or maybe others are living yours? Don't make decisions based on what the other person wants. Even if others think you are making a mistake, the very fact that it is your decision, and maybe a mistake or not (because no one knows the future), makes our life wonderful and complete.

Toxic People

There are three kinds of people:

  1. People who pull you up.

  2. People who don't influence you.

  3. People who are pulling you down.

Being with people who are worse than you are, you can be sure that you will not get better. You can stay average by being the best of the worst or become outstanding by being the average of the best.

If your the smartest person in the room your in the wrong room.

Look at the trees. If you plant a seed in the ground, in your garden, it will become larger than your house after many years. Plant the same seed in a small pot and it will never grow larger than you are. There are over 7 billion people in the world. You don't have to worry that you will not find other friends if you will stop be in touch with those present.


Don't walk under the ladder. It brings bad luck. Of course, I`m joking. I have done this many times and never felt unlucky. Have a nice day.