5 Benefits of Having a Hobby

What happened to your passions and dreams you had in school and college? Learn 5 reasons why you should have your hobby.

We often give up our passions for activities that seem to be more useful. We focus on a career and improving our effectiveness and there is nothing wrong with it, however, detaching from reality and doing something just for the joy of doing brings many benefits that we often do not notice.

Reduce Stress

Doing what makes us happy is a great way to reduce stress. Our mind can free itself from constant thoughts about work, family, and other aspects of life that put us under stress.

Sense of Time

A hobby that absorbs us a lot allows us to completely change the way we perceive time. By focusing your full attention on something, you forget about the passing time and the feeling of rush.

Health Benefits

Having passion has a positive effect on health. Research has shown that engaging in fun activities can lower blood pressure, stress hormones, and waist circumference. Such people also suffer from depressive states less frequently.

Personal Development

Thanks to hobbies you can develop your skills such as concentration, creativity, and communication. Thanks to your new interests, you can effectively engage in conversation with strangers because you have an element that connects you. Of course, you need to find people who have hobbies like you, which isn't difficult thanks to the internet.


It is obvious that what makes us happy gives us a feeling of greater joy in life. Isn't that what life is for? To feel joy and give joy to others?