Books vs Ebooks

Do you have a dilemma what is better to choose, a book or an e-book? This post will help you make a decision.

Both the traditional book and the modern e-book have strengths and weaknesses. Only you can make a fair decision.


One cover is one book. The ebook allows you to place all the ebooks you want to read on one device. Choose an e-book if you want to save space and the books if you want them to gain an additional feature after reading them in the form of an element of decoration. However, this has one drawback - your cleaning time in the room will be significantly longer.

You can put one book in your purse, which can significantly increase the weight you have to carry with you if the book is large. The ebook will give you the comfort that you can reach for a different title at any time.


You will only lose an ebook if you damage your memory. Books can be destroyed in many ways. Books are not waterproof and e-books can be. If you also have the e-book on an additional disk, the loss of the book is higher in this case. Also, remember that the ink dries out over time and the pages lose their hardness. E-books, however, remain unchanged.


Both books and e-books can cause eye strain. The difference is not significant, especially if we compare a good quality e-book that you use to read. The difference is in the fonts that you can change in the e-book but not in the book.

What if we want to finish our book but there is no electricity in the house because there is a storm outside the window or you just don't want to disturb the other person with the light on? Although it is not the best idea for your health, you will finish reading the ebook despite poor lighting at home.

Speed of Finding Information

I can't imagine my life without the Ctrl + F shortcut on the computer keyboard. In a split second, you can find the fragment that interests you. You can afford such comfort of use and save time by using e-books. With traditional books, you need to spend more time finding the text that interests you.


E-book readers need to be recharged from time to time. This difference definitely speaks in favor of the book.

Ebooks Can Be Listened To

We have a technology that we can use and that makes our lives easier. All you need to do is use the appropriate application. This allows you to listen to novels and look at beautiful views through the window of the bus you are in.


Quite a few ebook readers allow you to enter notes. It is true that you can also write or stick cards on books, but it's your decision whether you want to do it.


If you often like to borrow and exchange things with friends, it will be much easier to borrow a book than an account or device on which you have all other e-books.

What decisions will you make? I use the electronic version when reading educational books, but when I want to read a novel, I can't feel the story if I don't feel the pages in my hand.