Can Eating Chocolate Reduce Stress?

Fact or myth? Know the truth.

Can a stress reliever be tasty? The healing effect of chocolate in relieving emotional stress has been scientifically proven. Sixty medical students were tested. They were divided into 3 groups of ten men and women in each group. For 2 weeks, the students consumed 40 g of chocolate. The first group of people consumed dark chocolate. The second one ate milk chocolate. The last third group of students consumed white chocolate.

A type Of Chocolate

Is stress reduction related to the pleasure associated with eating? No, the effect of being less stressed is due to the cocoa ingredients. We can find them in dark and milk chocolate, but not in white. For this reason, the consumption of white chocolate wasn't observed to significantly reduce stress.


It also turns out that a significant reduction in stress after consuming dark and milk chocolate can be observed more strongly in women.

How does all this stress reduction work in practice? Let's take a look at the survey results. This is one of the questions that students were asked:

In the last month, how often have you felt confident about your ability to handle your personal problems?

5 people answered "almost never" before consuming chocolate,

sometimes - 25 people,

often - 27 people,

very often - 3 people.

After consuming chocolate, the answers have completely changed:

almost never - 0 people;

sometimes - 12 people;

often - 37 people;

very often - 11 people.

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