Clean Room - Clean Soul

Why is it worth keeping the room clean? Read on to find out.

Who likes to clean? Cleaning is not the most enjoyable thing we can do in our lives. Many people would like the mess to disappear by itself. Sooner or later, we need to clean our houses.

If you want to clean up your living space, you need to focus on three elements of your space:

  • The Energy of previous residents.

  • Mess.

  • Dirt.

The Energy of previous residents

If you live in a place where other people have previously lived, make sure your space describes you. You may find out that most of the things around you were bought or made by previous owners. These things have been used by other people over the years. When you move to this place, you have no physical, emotional, or spiritual connection to that place and the objects within it.

Decor elements in your living space constantly interact with and are related to you. The longer this bond lasts, the stronger it becomes. Maybe you have a freshly bought rug that reminds you of the beginning of your adventure with living in a new apartment. Maybe you decide to hang a picture painted by a child 10 years ago on the wall. We all know how children draw. This is not a painting that will be auctioned off for big money. For us, however, such an image can be a priceless symbol of a relationship that will last for years. When you decide to furnish your corner, certainly take care of such decor elements so that you do not feel like a foreigner in it.


Mess stimulates our creativity, which is useful when solving problems. However, not everyone functions well in such an environment.

By cleaning the room, we purify our souls. By getting rid of unnecessary things, we get rid of the emotional burden associated with them.

Unfinished work, such as a broken drawer or a damaged shutter, reminds us of our failure every day. Constantly looking at these things reduces the joy in our lives. We feel tired and depressed, which automatically affects other people's attitudes towards you and your attitude towards yourself.


Dust, cobwebs, unwashed coffee stain on the pillow. All this dirt accumulated in our living space affects our body, mind, and soul. Sometimes we just feel bad for no reason. We say it's because of the weather. Maybe it's because of the weather, or maybe it's because of the space we live in. We feel tired, depressed, and our joy of life is limited. Move the furniture aside, look at places hidden for years, and get rid of the accumulated dirt.

Cleaning the house of dirt can be exhausting. To help keep your home clean and tidy, here are 5 tips:

  1. Start cleaning from the dirtiest room in the house. In this way, after some time, when we get tired and we come to the end of the cleaning, we will only have easy tasks to do.

  2. Start with the top shelves and end with the floor.

  3. You won't make a mess if you put things back in their place.

  4. Be systematic, the more you keep things tidy and clean, the less it will accumulate.

  5. Look for simple solutions that make it easier to store things (drawers, shelves, containers, etc.)