Does True Love Exist?

Many people say that true love exists. Many other people say that such love does not exist. What is your opinion?

For me, true love exists. Love is pure abstraction. It is impossible to explain what it is. Only after experiencing it, you can understand what it is. A feeling between two people that is so strong that it can overcome any other feeling and events that try to destroy it. However, even such a beautiful and lasting emotion should be nurtured if we don't want it to fade away.

If you feel that you are in love and you are together, it does not mean that you can do nothing anymore and you will still have wonderful moments. I have been in a relationship for over 8 years. It wasn't all the time great, but it's okay because life isn't all about roses. You will just get hurt by the thorn from time to time. I'll tell you a few things that you can do to make your love as strong as before.


None of us know the future and none of us will predict what our life will be like. Over 10 years ago I met my current partner. Do you know what I was thinking? That I would never be with that person. I even said it more than once. Life is an enigma. Don't block yourself from opportunities like I used to and give the other person a chance if they want to get to know you. Even if you don't get along for a long time, it doesn't mean that in the end, something will completely change.


Just because two people are already together, doesn't mean that they shouldn't try to look after each other. In the beginning, the woman gets flowers, you hang out in restaurants, watch a movie together in the cinema, and then everything disappears. Why? It made you happy and improved your relationship, and the fact that you are already together doesn't mean it's a good idea to give up on it.

To show that you are important to each other, you don't have to do something big. A card on the table with nice words, a phone call during a break at work, a small gift without any occasion.

How many couples have similar experiences? After the wedding, they are putting on old tracksuits and slippers. Your story of common attractiveness does not end with the day you live in one apartment. Sure, living with each other, we see each other in different situations. This does not mean, however, that we should stop fueling our attractiveness in the eyes of our partner.

Hard Moments

Life isn't easy and it never will be, but that doesn't mean it's harder because of your partner. Support each other because today, you may need the help of another person, and tomorrow another person may need it.


The more you touch, the better your chances of keeping the relationship going. Eye contact is also important. Look into each other's eyes when you talk, eat, or otherwise spend time together.


Don't be selfish. Remember that a relationship is two people, and don't try to change the other person to make them look more like you. If your partner doesn't like horror movies, don't force him to go to the movies as soon as the next horror movie comes out.

When I make a meal, I like to eat it and then clean it up. My partner cleans up first and then eats the meal. It's a small thing, but little things like that can be very important. I have concluded that this is a good habit, and now I also wipe the crumbs immediately after I have prepared the meal before I eat it.

And remember the most important thing. Always keep your partner's side.