Enjoy Life More - Massage

Do you feel tired of life? It's time for pleasure!

Massage is great for reducing stress and fatigue after work. I will tell you some simple tips that will make your joint massages for two more enjoyable.


Before starting the massage, check the temperature of your hands. It is important that they are warm enough, and the touch for the massaged person remains pleasant.


Don't pour massage oil on the back. Put it on your hands.


Never massage the spine!


Start the massage with stroking. Gentle stroking with the use of little force will calm the body.


Make all movements without taking your hands off the body.


Use your imagination. Perform massage with fingertips, the entire surface of the hands, ball of thumbs, or lips.


Try not to focus only on one part of the body, and massage the entire body with smooth movements.


Try to massage slowly, as too fast movement may interrupt the relaxation of the massaged person.


Make longitudinal and transverse movements alternately.


With gentle stroking movements, spread the oil over the entire body or the area you will be massaging.

Best Massage Techniques


Stroking starts and ends each massage. Bring your fingers together and slowly move along the muscles towards the heart. Stroke small areas of the body, e.g. the cheeks, with the two or three middle fingers of the hand.


Rhythmically grasp muscle and squeeze it with alternate hands. Perfect for buttocks, thighs, and arms.


Use the base of your hand or fingertips. Place your hand on the body and, pressing lightly, pulls it in a straight line along the massaged part of the body. Interweave with small circular and spiral movements.