From Inactivity To 8 Hours a Week

Today is December 1 so it will be a special post. A person close to me will tell you her story. Half a year ago she didn't do any sports and today, despite the cold, she jogs, about 8 hours a week. Discover her amazing story.

You have probably wondered more than once how to change something in your life, how to find a way to release suppressed emotions. Sometimes for each of us, there comes such a breakthrough moment when my inner self screams to finally do something positive for myself, my health, and a better mood. We often wonder for a long time what it could be. What could help me calm down certain spheres in my life, or simply what could help me look with a slight distance on many things, situations, events happening around me.

One of the solutions, that I want to introduce to you today, is to find a kind of hobby, a challenge, related to the daily additional (of course recreational) physical effort, because, as I say, doing anything forcefully in life, makes absolutely no sense. It doesn't work at all in the long run. It can only bring negative effects. That's why I want to show you today what it was like with me, so let's get to the very beginning.

For a long time, I have been negative or neutral about any healthy lifestyle. I was wondering what this could change in my life. I'm healthy after all. I didn't understand people who, for example, woke up at 6 am for morning jogging, when the weather outside did not encourage me to leave the warm duvet. For me, it was almost unimaginable.

However, with time, in fact, during the last summer, a moment came in my life when I felt a desire to change something for the better. Something simple to start with, which would help me believe in my strengths and like myself more. Then I felt that I was stuck for a long time in my life, doing nothing, positively influencing me. I fell into this daily stagnation, home - college - home, and nothing else. I was wondering for a long time what I could do for myself until it hit me. What if I start running. After all, running is probably not that hard. Fresh air. Nice weather. Maybe it's worth a try?

In the beginning, I decided to set myself a one-week challenge. Jogging 2-3 times for about 30 minutes (these were the first steps, so it is important to set yourself a small achievable goal wisely so as not to get discouraged too quickly in the beginning, but give yourself a chance to like it). Honestly, I thought I would quit after two weeks. Usually, I was one of those people who talk to each other a lot, but in practice, it often turns out that they don't do much. But I gave myself a chance...

After the first two days of running, I was fed up. I guess that was a critical point for me, just thinking about getting up and running in the morning made my mind looking for a million excuses. Your legs hurt, you are tired, it is an early hour. But guess what? The best part about it is that at this crucial, critical moment, I pulled myself together. I didn't give up, even though my body and mind didn't want it. From then on (because it was a test of my inner strength and determination) it was only better. I began to see running as an integral part of my life, shaping me in some way.

I could now talk about the positive effects of physical activity on maintaining homeostasis and its beneficial effects on mental health, but will that be a total incentive? I would like you to see additional physical activity in your life mainly as an important element that builds your personality (increasing your emotional strength, determination, self-confidence, ambition). Shape your own positive image in your mind. You can achieve a lot and overcome obstacles to complete the challenges.

In my case, this is how I saw my morning jog. And you know what? I really enjoyed doing it. I found a little thing in my life that gives me a lot of satisfaction and also joy. Also, after a long time, I notice many positive aspects of incorporating additional physical activity into my life, such as the fact that in stressful moments it is an opportunity for me to relieve tension and clear my mind of negative emotions. It is such a complete respite for my body and soul. I think in the rush we live in, everyone should find 5 minutes for themselves. I strongly encourage you to try it, because it is worth it.