How Often Do You Say Yes?

Have you ever thought about the consequences of saying yes or no? I challenge you.

Why does our day look the way it does? What happens to us every day is the result of our decisions, the decisions of others, and a matter of chance.

Can even the smallest decision drastically change our lives? You've probably seen a video on YouTube many times in which someone avoided death, for example, at a pedestrian crossing. If he had walked faster and had entered the pedestrian crossing one second earlier, or had left the house one second earlier, his fate would have been completely different.

I remember when at the beginning of my studies everyone had to do paperwork. There were almost 200 people in one place. If I were standing a few steps further than I was, I probably wouldn't have met the man who had become my friend. Life can be surprising, isn't it?

I'll tell you a story I heard long ago. I don't remember exactly where I heard it. In one of the movies, I believe.

A neighbor comes to the farmer. He asks what's up. The farmer tells him that his horse is missing.

Neighbor: That's not good.

Farmer: Maybe... Another day, my horse came back and brought another one with him.

Neighbor: That's great news.

Farmer: Maybe... My son started riding this new horse and broke his leg.

Neighbor: That's terrible news.

Farmer: Maybe... Because my son broke his leg, he didn't go to the army.

Neighbor: Great!

Farmer: Maybe...

Life is an enigma. There is no point in regretting the decisions we have made because no one will predict all the consequences. You must live fully.

What does the word no mean? By saying no you close yourself off. If I ask, will we go out to the restaurant today? and you will answer - I prefer to stay at home - then you are limited to the possibilities that may happen to you at home. What if you choose to go out. Which restaurant will you choose? Which way will you go? Who will be serving you? Who will you meet in the restaurant? There are a whole lot of possibilities that could happen to you.

The more options you have, the easier it is to be surprised at what life has for you. That's why I challenge you to agree to every offer that comes to you for the next 7 days. If your partner wants to order pizzas and watch a movie at home, go ahead. If your mother asks you to come and help remove the leaves in the garden, don't say you don't have time, just go. If your boss asks you if you can stay an hour longer at work, don't hesitate.

Open yourself up to new possibilities. By separating yourself from the whole world you only increase your loneliness and depression. So let's go. And in 7, days you will thank me.