How To End a Fight With Your Partner

It's completely normal that two people disagree sometimes. How to quickly ease the situation?

A storm starts in a split second. One wrong word is enough. What do you think are the best ways to end an argument? Just out of curiosity, I read one of the articles on the internet, showing how to end an argument. If I would tell you to come up with 3 ways to do this, you'd probably guess most of them.

  1. Say sorry.

  2. Say you understand.

  3. Wait.

These are the three ways I have come across. I'm not saying they don't work. It's a very mature behavior but does it work in a relationship? Let's see how it works. If you wait for the emotions to subside if you apologize or say that you were wrong and the other person is right, what is happening? The argument becomes an important fact.

Remember your last family dinner. It may have been 6 months ag, and you still remember it, right? Do you remember yesterday's snack as well? The dinner that took place 6 months ago was an event, and yesterday's snack was a regular activity. The longer you wait to end an argument, the more you admit that it was an argument, the more important it becomes. Is it good? In my opinion not.

An argument that lasted several hours, I remember even though it happened a long time ago. The arguments ended as quickly as they started, well, I can't remember any. Arguments are usually negative memories. If you want your arguments to end in 10 seconds, then use my method.

During the fight, each side is sure of its rightness. Let me tell you something. It doesn't matter who is right. It's important to be happy together. Furthermore, to end the fight and move on together through life solving common problems, you need to show your feelings. You show a hostile attitude towards each other when you argue. Therefore, as soon as you realize that a fight may start in a second, go to your partner. Hug, kiss, say something nice.

You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

By showing your tenderness when the bomb is ticking, you have the chance to completely change the course of events. I know it's not easy because you can burn inside too. But believe me, the effects are much better if you do what I told you than if you argue. Sometimes 10 seconds of sensitivity is enough, sometimes 5 minutes. Do not give up.

The important thing is not to make the other person uncomfortable. Because if you do, you won't achieve your goal. I wish you only beautiful moments and many hugs.