Hypnosis - See the Future

Can you see the future using hypnosis? You will surely see something.

Would you like to spend the day in an interesting way, but you have no idea how? Today I'll tell you about hypnosis. Not just any hypnosis. You will be able to interact with the crystallized part of your future.

In today's world, technology allows us to enter a state of hypnosis without the participation of third parties directly. You go to Youtube, search for the phrase hypnosis, the future, and choose the movie you like the most. If you really want to do it, I advise you to do it during the day, because if you do it in the evening, it turns out that it is a great way to fall asleep in two minutes.

Lie comfortably on the bed on your back. Take care of absolute silence so that nothing distracts you and focus on the audio content. The whole thing takes about an hour, so make sure that no one disturbs you, but you can do it with other people just lying next to you and share your experiences after the session. Gradually your body will relax. You will begin to see images that are meant to be your future.

If you want to experience something totally new, this is a great way to do it. When I first encountered it, I was a bit pessimistic. What I wanted most was relaxation. This is one of the advantages, the body is 100 percent relaxed, but it turned out to be working. I saw certain scenes as we see them in a dream. I won't tell you what exactly I saw, but I can say that it lasted several seconds. The second time, I failed to see anything, and the third time, but once in a while I see something and it is an amazing feeling to experience something like that.

If you have failed to see your future, don't worry, it doesn't work every time. When you see something you don't like, don't worry either, our decisions shape our future so there's always something you can do to prevent. Let me know if you manage to see something or just relax.