Monday Problem

New Monday, new week, new possibilities.

Many people think Monday is the worst day of the week. If you are such a person then let's talk about why this is happening and what you can do to change it.

Most people at the weekend have some time to rest. You can spend that time with your family, watch Netflix, have a good dinner because you finally have time to make it. You have free time that you can devote to whatever you want, usually for pleasure. Weekend becomes your comfort zone. You live for a weekend.

And then comes Monday. The first day after a short break from work. You leave your comfort zone. It's completely normal that you feel bad on this day, but do you want to have a normal life? Life is a lot shorter when you live only for weekends.


Why is it so difficult for you to get up from the bed with a smile on your face on Monday morning. It's not a matter of fatigue but attitude.

One of the factors that can affect your perception of Mondays is your work. You do it but you are not 100 % satisfied. Maybe your workload is not proportional to your salary. Maybe you have to make difficult decisions or maybe the monotony of tasks makes you unable to think about anything else.

You don't have to change your home if you don't like the TV. It's the same with work. You don't have to start by taking a huge risk and leave your job risking that you will be unemployed for some time. Make a list of what you don't like about your job, find out what to do to fix it, and do it.

I don't like my job because I don't get along with co-workers - Figure out how to solve conflicts and apply this knowledge in your life.

I don't like my work because I have to get up very early in the morning - Figure out how to adapt your body to get up in the morning and apply this knowledge in your life.

  1. Understand your problem

  2. Find a solution

  3. Apply the solution in your life.

Three stages separate you from making your life better. New Monday is new 7 days and new 168 hours that you can use. Don't miss the opportunity.

People Do It

Social media as well as our friends or family have a huge impact on us. The question is whether you will give in to pressure from other people. The opinions of others can be extremely valuable but sometimes you have to decide whether you want to do, what others think is right or what your heart tells you.

At the beginning of creating Yes After Yes none of my friends or family said that it is a good idea. Everybody said don't do it. Did other people stop me from achieving my goal? No, I did it and I do not regret it because fulfilling dreams is more important than doing what others want you to do. This is your life. Make it whatever you want it to be.

Organized Life

What to do to stop living waiting for the weekend and life each day fully? Organize your life, plan each day, then each day will be equal. Use the free online course - One Easy Way to Have Time for Everything and Be Motivated to Act - which you will receive as a gift when you join the Yes After Yes Club. Achieve your goals faster and easier.