Permanent Stress Reduction

One simple method of how to be less stressed in stressful situations? No problem.

Are you waiting for the exam to start? Maybe tomorrow is your first day at a new job? Stressful situations happen to everyone. It's obvious that we want to do our best and are afraid that this will not happen. So what is the most effective way to not stress in such a situation? Don't think about what is stressing you.


Visualization is a powerful technique that can help you unwind and relieve stress by focusing your mind on more calming and serene things. It may take a little bit of practice before you can use it effectively. However, it is an extremely effective method of coping with stress, which is definitely worth using in your life. It's important that you allow yourself to let go, and use your imagination freely, to put yourself in a different scenario.

Step One

  • Find a private, quiet space where only you and your thoughts will be, without any distractions.

  • When your environment is set up for your comfort, lie down comfortably on your back, and close your eyes.

  • Let your body relax. Breath slowly. Focus on how the tension goes away from the tips of your toes, and then from your legs, waist, arms, and face until the whole body is relaxed.

Step Two

  • Think about where you would feel safe and relaxed. This doesn't have to be the place where you have been. Use your imagination and create the perfect place for yourself. Some people imagine themselves on the beach, others in the mountains, in their own room, or on the moon. It's your decision, where you imagine yourself.

Step three

  • Focus on the details, on the different sensory attributes to make it more vivid in your mind. If you are imagining yourself at the beach, imagine the wind blowing through your hair, ocean waves touching your feet, the smell of the ocean. Do not rush, use every sense.

  • The more precisely you create your oasis and integrate with it, the better the visualization technique will work.

  • Remember that this wonderful place is here for you whenever you need to come back

  • Take your time and slowly open your eyes.

Repeat steps one and three from time to time to get better at visualization and easily use it when you need it.

Step four

  • The next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, focus on your breath, slow it down. Direct your thoughts from what stresses you to what relaxes you. Return to your place, to your oasis. Feel the ocean waves touching your feet again, and the wind blowing through your hair. Focus on these details, visualize them again.

This technique helps to cope with stress especially in situations where stress increases with the approach of an event that causes us stress, such as stress before an exam, stress before a job interview, etc.

In stressful situations that occur suddenly and are random, you may not have time to use the visualization method. Therefore, stay tuned. In the future, there will also be a post about how to deal with stress in these and other situations.

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