Read This If You Often Compare Yourself To Others

Browsing fashion magazines makes a woman less satisfied with her appearance. How often do you do that?

This fact does not apply only to women. Men are also vulnerable to the media. The media as well as social media often present unrealistic ideals. Seeing photos and videos showing the ideal figure, we begin to admire and compare ourselves to them. A slim figure gets the attention of most people now. Everyone wants to be fit. This is a very good thing, but be aware that browsing such content can make you dissatisfied with the way you look at the moment. Not being satisfied with the body can turn into depression.

Fashion magazines have been shown to have a negative relationship with body dissatisfaction and psychological health. Similar relationships were found in the case of content related to weight loss or sports.

We want to strive for excellence and it's beautiful but ask yourself how you are doing it. If you look at photos of other beautiful people (who are usually very graphically improved - smaller waist, smoothed skin, sexy tan) you start to think - why I don't look so divine - and then you are sad because you start to think that you are much worse than others. You're not worse. You're the best.

What you can change so that instead of getting depressed, you actually achieve your goals, and be a better version of yourself.

  • Realize that most of the things you see aren't 100% real.

  • Love yourself. Love your body. The body can always be changed if you don't like something about it. So don't treat your body this way - oh God, I hate it - just rather this way - I don't like that mole on my skin, but Yes After Yes told me that I could use lemon juice to lighten my skin and get rid of it so I'll try.

  • Ask yourself such questions that the answer brings you closer to your goal and does not cause sadness and disappointment. Instead of saying - why I don't have such a body when everyone else does - ask yourself - what I have to do to have such a body.