Stress-Relieving Cookies

What do parents usually say when their child is stressed? I'll make you a cup of tea. And what if you replace tea with cookies, because who doesn't like cookies?

Each of us knows that certain varieties of tea can effectively help us with stress. However, not all of us always want to drink tea. What if we changed the routine and created wonderful cookies?

I don't know about you but I am one of those people who try to distract themselves from stressful situations by eating. It's not a healthy and effective way to deal with stress, but we all have a bad day at times and try to deal with the easiest ways.

Even if you belong to the second group of people who will eat absolutely nothing when they are stressed, read on because it is not difficult to fight your enemy when he shows up. The trick is to fight the enemy before we meet him.

We can prepare our body for stressful situations, thanks to which we will feel less intense stress. Recently, I have been wondering how you can influence stress in a simple and quick, but also pleasant way. I found scientific research that shows that cookies with the addition of a suitable substance (matcha green tea) are our solution.

What is the main difference between tea and cookies, except that eating cookies are much more enjoyable than drinking tea? Cookies contain about three times more matcha than a glass of tea. Accumulating this amount of ingredients in three small cookies allows you to take action quickly and effectively, because how long will it take you to drink three teas compared to eating three cookies.


  • Matcha - 4.5 g

  • Flour - 31.5 g

  • Butter - 26.1 g

  • Sugar - 13.5 g

  • Egg yolk - 1.8 g

Mix, mold 3 cookies, and bake. For a long-lasting and significant effect, eat 3 cookies daily. Remember to choose high-quality matcha otherwise, its effectiveness will not be too high.