The Power of Positive Emotions

When was the last time you smiled for no good reason? Enjoy the little things.

On Thursday, I promised that today's post will be about positive emotions. Let's start with the big thing - why do I need positive emotions? Scientific fact - positive emotions are associated with longer life. We are not talking about a month, 6 months, or even a year. It could even be 10 years. Negative emotions are associated with increased disability due to mental and physical disorders, increased incidence of depression, increased suicide rate and increased mortality. Positive emotions protect against such effects. Moreover, positive emotions are conducive to creating and strengthening relationships with others.

Since we know that it is worth being happy, the question is how to do it? I am going to show you some ways how you can increase your production of the hormones that make you feel happy. Sometimes I hear, eat chocolate, it increases the production of happy hormones. There are many methods to achieve this, but I will show you the ones that I think are best for your health.


If you stand in front of a mirror and start smiling, or watch a funny video on the internet, you are going to be in a good mood. This good mood will cause your body to produce more happy hormones. If the production of happy hormones increases, your mood will also improve. Note that some people are much more joyful than others, even if they live very similar lives to people who are pessimistic, sad, negative about everything on a daily basis.

If you go to the gym every day and train, your body becomes extremely muscular over time and these muscles will not disappear overnight, even if you stop training. Everything else works the same. If we often feel positive, our body begins to function in such a way that we feel much better on a daily basis than others who do not. One day something unpleasant happens to us and it turns out that after 5 minutes we are no longer in a bad mood, while another person needs 5 hours to do so.

So way one, don't be afraid to be happy. Don't be afraid to give yourself a chance to experience something pleasant. If your friends invite you to the movies, don't tell life no. Interaction with other people is the easiest way to get in a good mood, in my opinion, unless your friends are the people who are pulling you down.

Have you ever watched the movie Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey? The movie is old and not very popular, but what it showed me was amazing. It's about a man who decides to say "yes" to everything, instead of saying "no" all the time, which had left him depressed and alone. Now, as the "Yes Man," he finds himself leading an exciting life, traveling the world meeting interesting people, and along the way finding romance. I have to tell you that I did this to myself and said "yes" to everything for a month. It was an amazing experience. It is true that you have to do more because you will agree to every proposal, but the very fact of experiencing something makes our life better.


Exposure to bright light is a second way to increase our body's happy hormones. You have to admit that this is an extremely simple way to improve the quality of your life. How much time do you spend outside each day? Have you ever wondered about this?

Exercise and diet

The correlation between exercise and mood has been studied more than once. Feel free to apply this in your life. Remember that you will see the best results if you exercise regularly and undertake exercises with which you are familiar.

Exercise and a proper diet will support your physical and mental health. Being healthy makes it easier to be happy. For example, if you are bloated, it's harder for you to feel comfortable around people. You get stressed and therefore, it's harder to be in a good mood.

Also, remember that we can evoke specific emotions while listening to specific music. It is difficult to arouse the desire to dance if you hear the squeaking alarm clock, right? It's different if we hear our favorite song. I wrote about this in another post. You can also find posts that I call "enjoy life more". They show you new things that you can experience, to inspire you to change your life for the better. If you want to be up-to-date, sign up in the blog section and you will receive a notification about each new post. You can also join the club to receive free content. Everyone receives an online course as a welcome gift - Time Management for Beginners Version 2.0.

Remember that while positive emotions help us get through the day, the pursuit of happiness is not always positive. People who pursue happiness strongly tend to be more depressed, miserable, and unhappy. So don't forget what you already have and enjoy the moment. Have a good Saturday and see you next time.

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