The Power of Visualization

Can the thought of achieved success bring me closer to achieving it? Let's find out.

Visualization is a powerful tool for anyone interested in personal development. Recently in the post Permanent Stress Reduction, I showed you how to deal with stress using visualization. Today I will show you how visualization can affect you and your life, and how to use it correctly to make it effective.

Goals and Action

Visualization, i.e. creating images in your head that show your success, for example, that you will run a marathon. Will it make you run a marathon next year? No, it won't. Will visualization help you achieve this success? Yes, it will help you. By creating a visualization, we set our brain to operate in some direction we specify.

If 100 years ago I would tell you, let's go to the moon, you would say - no, it's impossible, it will never happen. Now you would say - we did it, humanity did a good job. If I tell you to run a marathon, what will you answer? Use visualization to convince yourself that you can do it.

Visualization will never be effective if it is not combined with actions. Visualization is to help us achieve success by convincing ourselves that we can achieve success. When you believe in yourself, then nothing will stand in your way to success, but goals without action are just dreams. When you have your goal and you believe that you will achieve it, take action.

I will give you an example.

You want to buy a car. You visualize that you have a car. A year passes and nothing changes, even though you really want it and you believe you will buy it.

Take action. Open a new bank account. You'll be able to transfer money every week to this account. After some time you will save enough to buy a new car.

Why should I use visualizations if I can take action without it?

Visualization will be the force that will push you forward.

Go to the car dealership. See your dream car. Sit in it. Ride it. This car will become part of your memories and therefore part of you. You'll now be much more motivated to buy this car and you will do everything to have it. Visualization works similarly. When you see success on the other side of the crater then you dare to jump over it.

Use visualization in this way to make it effective - to believe that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself and to convince yourself to act.