What is The Story of My Business Name?

Yes After Yes. Why? Today a little about it.

When I was creating the website, I had one simple idea. Make everyone receive knowledge in such a way that it meets every needs.

Often when I was looking for help, I felt disappointed. I was learning to create certain things and found that I was not getting the complete product at all. I was learning 10% of what I should know.

Another kind of disappointment was the form in which I get knowledge. Usually, I got the knowledge and didn't know what to do with it. Where to start? Where to end? The chaos that made the learning process difficult.

The product must fully meet people's needs. Every consumer is different, and everyone may have different requirements. I wanted to fulfill them all because others could not fulfill mine. Since my expectations, weren't met, there is a good chance that the expectations of other people were also not met. So what are my basic expectations?

Substantive Knowledge

You can try to throw the ball into the basket every day for 12 hours, but if you are doing it wrong, even after 10 years you won't learn how to hit the basket. In college, I learned that only facts matter. I want to follow the path that has the highest proven effectiveness.

Clarity and Simplicity

If the product is chaotic and you don't have a clearly defined path - what you have to do step by step to achieve your goal - how can motivation arise in your heart if you don't know where you are, and where you're going.


Why do many of us give up after a few days? Because it's hard. It doesn't have to be that way. New and difficult knowledge can be easily absorbed. Just give yourself enough time. Nobody becomes a genius overnight. Nobody becomes a successful person overnight. I don't know if it's true, but I once heard that Coca Cola sold 12 cans in the first year. Now this company is one of the largest. Whenever I feel doubt, I think about it. It's tough, but that doesn't mean it will always be like that.


Experts often show us how to achieve a goal, such as losing weight. They have valuable knowledge, but usually, they fail to see that what is easy for them is difficult for most people. It is extremely difficult to completely change your diet overnight. That's why most people give up. It's too hard.

This is my dream. Make the world easier by better reaching your hearts and minds. When I hear "it's impossible, I can't," I always say "it's possible, we just need to think about how to do it".

In order for people to achieve their goals and solve their problems, they must be willing to do so. It isn't enough that today I say "yes, I'm going on a diet", tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and in 2 months, I also have to say "yes, I want to continue it".

This is how the idea and name of the website were born. I wanted it to be related to consistency and persistence. Don't give up because the goal is close and worth your effort.

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