Why Isolation Is So Difficult Even For Introverts

The current situation is difficult and stressful for many of us. Why is it like this and what can we do?

The long-term isolation we face today is difficult for everyone, even those who initially liked it. Over time, depending on the person, the situation becomes more difficult and less comfortable. Even if we feel great with our family, partners, or children, problems will arise at some point. The family is a system that functions well only when there is contact with the outside world, not only with the household members.

Maintaining relationships with other people is a natural need that most people have. People in solitude don't practice relationships daily, so they begin to have reduced interpersonal skills. They stop making new relationships. On the one hand, they are thirsty for them, and on the other, they feel hurt and that the world has forgotten them. They may also have difficulty communicating when the chance to create a relationship arises.

How to deal with the new situation and emotions that are accumulating? It is worth maintaining social contacts, even in a virtual way, because they are a source of social support. Thanks to them, we help other people to cope with stress just as they help us.

Have you ever watched the outstanding movie The Shawshank Redemption? The movie is about a banker wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment. Imagine how mentally difficult it is to spend many years in the same place with the same people. How did our hero not go crazy and what can we learn from him? To make his isolation bearable he did one simple but effective thing. He had a purpose. The goal meant that he could focus his thoughts on the pursuit of a given goal. He helped other prisoners with their studies, created a library in the prison, and helped the guards with tax issues. He was constantly marking himself a new goal and striving to achieve it. Therefore, don't focus on isolation but on what you can do now. Good luck.