Why You Should Set Goals

What are you striving for? Today I'm going to show you the difference between people who set goals and people who don't.

If you said your goal is to lose weight. Even if I told you what to do to achieve it, some people would never do anything to achieve their goal. Why? We'll talk about it another time. I can tell you that I am in the process of creating an online course that will greatly increase the percentage of people who reach the goal. Join the Club to not miss it.

Increased Motivation

Goal setting is an effective tool that will help you be more motivated to achieve the desired success in many spheres of life. Setting specific and challenging goals leads to improved health behavior. Setting a goal and defining the time you want to achieve it allows you to be more motivated. You realize your desire, you know what, how, and when you want to achieve.

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. Lewis Carrol

Achieve More

If your goal is quite a challenge, in the end, you will achieve more than if your goal would be less significant. If you want to sell 10 apples today, you will sell up to 10 apples today. If, on the other hand, you set a goal of selling 20 apples today, you will find that you can sell more than 10 apples. Setting yourself goals that are too easy can lead to mediocre performance. Be careful not to go crazy. If your goal exceeds your abilities, you will fail and your confidence will weaken.

Adapt Your Goal

Let's say one company wants to acquire 10 customers a week. It is a real goal that they manage to achieve. After a year, their goal is the same. They don't grow as fast as they can. If you ran 10 minutes today. Tomorrow, run 15. And in a week, try to reach 30 minutes. Adapt your goal as you reach it so you know how far you can go.

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