Fall Asleep Quickly and Naturally

When the amount of sleep is significantly reduced (37% of US adults say that back pain affects their sleep) many processes related to maintaining an adequate level of skin hydration are inhibited. In the Angelic Back Course, you will get valuable knowledge that will help you fall asleep so that your body can regenerate properly and remain beautiful.



No More Limits

A fully functional back means less suffering and more time doing what you love. Enjoy life together with others and don't reduce your activity anymore through back pain.



Satisfying Love Life

The Angelic Back Course isn't just relief from back pain and prevention. After completing this Course, your strength, fitness, stamina, flexibility, and appearance will improve significantly, giving you much more satisfying love life. Feel confident and sexy.




This Is How Your Transformation Will Be Accomplished

You begin by understanding why you may experience back pain and what you can do during daily activities to prevent it from accumulating. There are four modules waiting for you, in which you will easily learn the most important things.



Module 1 - Back Pain

  • What Factors Are Associated With a Higher Risk of Back Pain
  • Is My Mattress Good
  • First Thoughts When Pain Occurs
  • Prevention

Module 2 - Proper Body Mechanics

  • Posture
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Lifting
  • Sleeping
  • How to Remember to Maintain Good Posture


Module 3 - Yoga Theory

  • Why Yoga
  • What Are People All Over The World Say About Yoga
  • What Do I Need To Begin
  • How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat
  • Namaste
  • Asana
  • What's The Best Time of Day to Do Yoga
  • How Often Should I Do Yoga Per Week?

Module 4 - Preparation

  • Breath Awareness
  • How To Breathe While Practicing Yoga
  • Yoga Class Schedule



Your next step will be to start practicing yoga. I have prepared 12 gentle and effective sessions for you. In 4 weeks you will master 45 asanas (poses). Each pose has been carefully selected based on over 1,200 scientific data. Each asana fulfills