TIME management for beginners

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Who Is This Course For

This course is for a person who wants to:

Manage time efficiently.

Stay motivated.

Define life goal and achieve it.

Have time for everything.

Keep things tidy.

Regain control of life.

Reduce the stress caused by a multitude of tasks.

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What You Will Learn


With this course you will learn how to:


Organize your life.

Define a goal and work towards achieving it.

Have more time.

Take control of your life.

Keep things tidy.

Be motivated to act.

Be satisfied with your life.

Reduce the stress caused by a busy lifestyle.

What's Included


You get 42 PDF files:


  • Time Management for Beginners Online Course.

  • Daily Planner (silver and turquoise).

  • Weekly Planner (silver and turquoise; Monday or Sunday start).

  • Monthly Planner  (silver, turquoise, and turquoise silver; Monday or Sunday start).

  • 2020 & 2021 Monthly Calendar (silver and turquoise, Monday or Sunday start).

  • All content available in A4 and US Letter format.


Downloadable print. No physical items included.

The course consists of 23 pages.


  • Pages 1 - 3  Introduction

  • Pages 4 - 17  The 7-Step Process of Designing and Implementing a Habit Into Your Life

  • Page 18 - 19  Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

  • Pages 20 - 22  Conclusion

  • Page 23  Thanks

Online Course Content

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Online courses can be viewed on any device that can open the PDF file. This gives you convenient access anyplace, anytime.

Easily assimilable form.

Clear and condensed content.